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CSO Center

Bryan Weisbard

Bryan Weisbard
Head of Security Analysis, Investigations, & Business Continuity

Bryan Weisbard is Head of Security Analysis, Investigations & Business Continuity at Twitter. Prior to joining Twitter, he served in a variety of national security roles with the U.S. Government, both in the Washington D.C. area and overseas. Upon transitioning to Twitter, Bryan had experience working for organizations with an international presence, but he immediately had to build three global corporate security functions from the ground up. He recognized the value of the CSO Center and leveraged the organization's network of experienced professionals to benchmark and capture best practices. "The CSO Center has provided an outstanding forum to share ideas, lessons learned, and trends within the industry," says Bryan. Connecting directly with security leaders enables innovation, and the ASIS CSO Center has provided just the right venue and the framework to promote this collaboration.

As a result of the value provided by the CSO Center, Bryan was looking for ways to contribute back to the organization. Thus, he applied and was recently selected to serve on the CSO Center Advisory Council where he will help to shape and advance the vision of the organization. He has also served on the Membership Committee of the CSO Center to recruit and retain members who will actively participate and contribute to the organization.

Bryan notes that he has been fortunate to have some incredible mentors throughout his career, and he believes that the CSO Center provides just the right venue to help prepare and mentor the future generation of security leaders. Bryan has helped to lead educational panels and training sessions and has worked closely with the Young Professionals Council. Bryan firmly believes that the CSO Center has led the way in training and developing the future leaders of the industry.