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Security Principles and Practices

Task 01/01     Plan, organize, direct, and manage the organization’s security program to avoid and/or control losses and apply the processes necessary to provide a secure work environment

Knowledge of:

01/01/01 - Principles of planning, organization, and control

01/01/02 - Security theory, techniques, and processes

Task 01/02     Develop, manage, or conduct threat/vulnerability analyses to determine the probable frequency and severity of natural and man-made disasters and criminal activity on the organization’s profitability and/or ability to deliver products/services

Knowledge of:

01/02/01 - Quantitative and qualitative risk assessments

01/02/02 - Vulnerability analyses

Task 01/03     Evaluate methods to improve security and loss prevention systems on a continuous basis through the use of auditing, review and assessment

Knowledge of:

01/03/01 - Cost benefit analysis methods

01/03/02 - Available security-related technology

01/03/03 - Data collection and trend analysis techniques

Task 01/04     Develop and manage external relations programs with public sector law enforcement or other external organizations to achieve loss prevention objectives

Knowledge of:

01/04/01 - Roles and responsibilities of external organization and agencies

01/04/02 - Methods for creating effective working relationships

01/04/03 - Techniques and protocols of liaison

Task 01/05     Develop and present employee security awareness programs to achieve organizational goals and objectives

Knowledge of:

01/05/01 - Training methodologies

01/05/02 - Communication strategies, techniques and methods