Personnel Security

Task 04/01 Develop, implement, and manage, background investigations to validate individuals for hiring, promotion, or retention

Knowledge of:

04/01/01 - Background investigations and employment screening techniques

04/01/02 - Information source quality and types

Task 04/02 Develop, implement, manage, and evaluate policies, procedures, programs and methods to protect individuals in the workplace against harassment, threats, and violence

Knowledge of:

04/02/01 - Protection techniques and methods

04/02/02 - Threat assessment analysis

04/02/03 - Intervention and response tactics

04/02/04 - Educational and awareness program design and implementation

04/02/05 - Travel security programs

Task 04/03 Develop, implement, and manage executive protection programs

Knowledge of:

04/03/01 - Executive protection techniques and methods

04/03/02 - Risk analysis

04/03/03 - Liaison and resource management techniques

04/03/04 - Selection, costs, and effectiveness of proprietary and contract executive protection personnel

04/03/05 - Travel security programs