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Career Transition

Brian Reich, CPP​
Former Chairman
Law Enforcement Liaison Council

I joined ASIS International when I was the deputy chief of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, which serves the most populous county in New Jersey. As part of my job, I was put in charge of the physical security of our county facilities. At that time, while I had a senior ranking position, by trade, I was really a police officer, major crimes and special victim’s detective. I recognized that my law enforcement skillsets were not aligned to what I needed to build a comprehensive physical security program. Furthermore, while I had other skills and strong leadership experience, there was a lot that I needed to know in order to achieve success in this new role. In a nutshell, I knew what I didn’t know.

So, I decided to join ASIS International and I attended my first global conference in Atlanta. While there, I met so many great security professionals who, like me, had come from either the law enforcement or the military. I was fortunate to have met great mentors and leaders from global Fortune 500 companies who selflessly offered up their business cards with the invitation to call them if I needed help.

Upon returning to New Jersey, I joined ASIS and committed to staying involved, obtaining my CPP, and growing in the security industry. That year, I was invited to join the Law Enforcement Liaison Council (LELC), and in 2009 I obtained my CPP. Soon after, I became the Chairman of the LELC and in 2012 ASIS President Ray O’Hara, CPP, honored me with the Outstanding Council Chairman of the Year award. I’ve served on the Professional Certification Board and currently serve on the ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the New York City Chapter, one of the largest ASIS Chapters in the world.

I owe ASIS so much for helping me meet great friends and mentors which helped open doors to the private sector that would have been difficult to open on my own. Because of ASIS, I have an amazing career that is rewarding in so many ways. As a senior corporate security leader now, I work hard to give back to ASIS by staying involved in volunteer leadership and speaking at transitional training programs to help current public sector professionals understand how to make the switch to the private sector and be successful once there.

I truly believe in the value ASIS can offer for all who want a career in security and am grateful for all it has helped me achieve.

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