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The ASIS Foundation helps security professionals achieve their career goals with certification scholarships, practical research, member hardship grants, and more. Your Foundation is supported by generous donations from ASIS members, chapters, and organizations.

About the Foundation

The ASIS Foundation was founded as an affiliate of ASIS International in 1966 to serve the security industry through scholarship and research.

We offer Scholarship and grant opportunities for those pursuing physical security and cybersecurity careers 

We conduct timely security research on contemporary threats, best practices, and regulations providing valuable and actionable knowledge for the security profession.

The Foundation’s work is made possible by generous gifts from individuals, chapters, councils and organizations.

New Research from the ASIS Foundation

Certification Accelerator

This popular scholarship program includes all ASIS certifications: the CPP, PCI, PSP, and APP. In 2022, the ASIS Foundation will offer the gift of one free certification exam for up to 100 ASIS Chapters.

In 2021, we awarded scholarships to ASIS members in 39 different countries.
Chapter leaders may click on the link below to learn how to administer this program. Chapter scholarship recipients must be submitted to the Foundation by 31 October. Interested applicants, please contact your local chapter for information on how to apply.


 Making a difference in our industry and the lives of those who keep the world safe, through research and scholarships.

Thank you, Foundation Sponsors

Sponsors of the ASIS Foundation

ASIS Foundation Scholarships

2 IE Executive Education Scholarships (1 in English, 1 in Spanish)
Application period: 24 January-14 February

20 Chapter Starter Kit Grants
Application period: 24 January to 31 March

30+ Certification Scholarships

15 IFPO Certification Scholarships (10 in English, 5 in Spanish)

1 Public-Private Partnership Excellence Grant

4+ Higher Education Scholarships
Application period: 1 February to 15 April

Learn More about Foundation Scholarships and Grants.