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Lisa DuBrock, CPP, Chair the ASIS Professional Standards Board (PSB) and Managing Partner/Owner of Radian Compliance, LLC at down with us for a Q&A session to discuss the importance of the Standards and Guidelines (S&G) program and upcoming resources that security professionals can look forward to. For more information on the S&G program please visit Standards & Guidelines. 

Q: For those who aren’t aware of the Standards & Guidelines program at ASIS International, what would you like them to know? 

LB: From the moment I became a member of ASIS International more than 10 years ago, the S&G program has always been about foundation.  Security professionals base their livelihoods on foundations such as policies, processes, and standards.  The standards and guidelines we have developed and continue to update, provide us that strong foundation.  Be it a newly updated Business Continuity Standard or the very popular Workplace Violence Standard, we have standards and guidelines that support this foundation. 

Also important is S&G’s commitment to support our members globally.  We continue to make strides in this area with a commitment to DE&I within the Professional Standards Board (PSB).  Our board members are from Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia. They are committed to developing and supporting security standards worldwide. 

Recognizing that Standards and Guidelines is bigger than ASIS, we have established an ISO subcommittee.  ASIS is a non-voting member of two ISO technical committees, which allows us to comment on security standards as they are written.  Our team’s presence in the ISO Risk Management Technical Committee 284 led to the successful publication of ISO 31030:2021 - Travel Risk Management.  

Q: What are the Standards & Guidelines resources available to global security professionals? 

LB: Every global security professional’s first stop should be Standards & Guidelines (  This page details how a standard is developed, what S&Gs have been published, and what is under development.  You, our members, are the cornerstones of the foundation referenced above.  Every standard is developed and/or updated by a Technical Committee, which is comprised of members like you.  Your viewpoint and knowledge are keys to us being the global leader in security standards.   

As standards and guidelines are created and/or updated, we also have a Standards Competence sub-committee that is committed to developing toolkits to support the security professional in implementing the standard or guideline. Many of the standards have a page where you can learn additional information, e.g., Workplace Violence ( On this page, you can access other content related to the standard.  I find the WPVI Preparedness Checklist particularly useful. 

Talk to us.  The PSB has a vast number of connections.  If you have a question and can’t find the answer, ask us [email protected].  The exceptional ASIS S&G staff and the entire PSB is committed to either answering your questions or making the connection for you to get your questions about standards and guidelines answered.  We will also be in the ASIS HUB at GSX. 

Q: What Standards & Guidelines are currently being developed for future release that security professionals should keep on their radar?  

LB: Every year the PSB strives to update or create three standards or guidelines. We are currently developing two new standards: Executive Protection and Security in the Cannabis Industry. We are updating: Private Security Company Operations – PSC.1 and Risk Assessment – RA. We most recently published in 2022 and late 2021: Senior Security Executive – standard, Pre-employment Background Screening and Vetting – guideline, and Information Asset Protection – guideline. 

All of this brings me back to our foundation.  Whether you are looking for a standard or guideline that can support your security career or you are looking to earn one of ASIS’ many certifications, S&G can be your foundation for success.