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Recently ASIS released its newly revised Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Active Assailant Standard which delivers vetted best practices that organizations can use to help build workplace violence programs or to improve upon ones that are already in place. ASIS Member, Rebecca Bolante, Ph.D., CTM and Region 1B Vice President (Oregon, Idaho, & Southeast Washington) sat down with us to discuss the value of the standard. 

Learn more about the ASIS WVPI AA Technical Committee, to learn more about this revised Standard from our Q&A with Michael A. Crane, Esq., CPP, chair of the ASIS WVPI AA Technical Committee

By Rebecca Bolante, Ph.D, CTM

With the many tragedies around us and stress from the ongoing issues of workplace violence, there is a silver lining. The notion of having behavioral threat assessment teams and understanding the standards for workplace violence initiatives is essential. ASIS can greatly assist you in this journey.  

ASIS has been a remarkable support and resource both personally and professionally.  

ASIS networking alone provides me with insight and growth while the written standards and guidelines continue to impress me.  

As an ASIS Preferred Provider, Bolante.NET provides robust training (remote/in-person) for many topics within the scope of ASIS. Our Behavioral Threat Assessment Series (A total of 24 hours in training) utilizes the Standard: Workplace Violence and Active Assailant - Prevention, Intervention, and Response: ASIS WVPI AA-2020. 

“This Standard provides an overview of policies, processes, and protocols that organizations can adopt to help identify, assess, respond to, and mitigate threatening or intimidating behavior and violence affecting the workplace. It describes the implementation of a workplace violence prevention and intervention (WVPI) program and personnel within organizations who typically become involved in prevention and intervention efforts. 

In addition, this Standard now includes an annex which provides actionable information and guidance relative to prevention, intervention and response to incidents involving an active assailant/active shooter.”  

Standard Chair, Michael Crane, Esq., CPP stated, “The Standard addresses not only what is to be included in a WPV policy but describes the necessary steps and actions that need to be taken. Preparation and training are the key requirements for having a successful WPV prevention policy which the Standard addresses.” During a recent conversation with ASIS Professional Standards Board Director, Christian Huenke, PCI, CFE, stated, “The Standard provides such a comprehensive foundation for programs it should be required reading for anyone attempting to develop or enhance a mitigation program.” 

Talking with individuals who are significantly impacted by tragic events of violence refuels my passion for educating companies on the importance of having a threat assessment team in place. I’m sure several of you reading this blog have been involved to varying degrees in mass shooting events. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping current with the trends, research, and practical application for workplace violence prevention, intervention, and response. Having the latest and current Standard not only proves to be beneficial to your career but helps to keep you and your clients safe.