Bios and Abstracts

Keynote Speaker


Dr. Raymond H. Hamden
Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Consultant in Political Psychology, Dubai, UAE

Title: New Dimension in Profiling Terrorists

Abstract: The media interest in profiling terrorist cases via security and law enforcement is a glamorous portrayal of forensic science and criminology; yet, much remains to be learned in getting the true picture of the people doing corrupt activities. Some people see terrorist profiling as some sort of mystic phenomena while others may simply see it as fiction.

This Keynote Address will highlight a new breadth in terrorist profiling and conveys a different sanction to the general knowledge and understanding on global investigation techniques.

Psychological profiling is supportive to reconstructing the offenders' motives and intent by closely examining all behavioral evidence left by perpetrators. Psychological profilers address the human understanding of crime that may have been instigated by economics deprivation, desire to make socio-political changes, financing of organized terrorism, or psychopathology, or any combination of these and other aspects.

Biographical sketch: Dr. Raymond H. Hamden earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and continued post-graduate studies in Modern Psychoanalysis. With the University of Maryland, Dr. Hamden was a 1986 Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management. His research and consulting was in Political Psychology – the psychology of terrorists and hostage situations. He coined the term “The Retributional Terrorist – Type 4”.

Consulting in Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Political Psychology, Profiling, Crisis Intervention, Trauma, and Homeland Security, he holds Diplomate status and Fellow status in professional organizations by peer review and examination. Currently, Dr. Hamden was in private practice in Dubai UAE and consults globally from Washington DC.

Session 1


Tyn Van Amelsfoort
Security Training & Solution Manager, Greater China
TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd
Hong Kong

Title: Food Defense Freight Security Requirements

Abstract: Food Defense Freight Security Requirements , or FDFSR, is an risk - based, integrated security program designed to prevent (major) food manufacturing sites from intentional food poisoning / contamination / tampering by terrorism or other activist groups.

Biographical sketch: Tyn holds a Bachelor degree in Logistics Management and is a passionate security professional since 2004, when he commenced his career with Acer at the EMEA head office in Switzerland. With Acer he was responsible for claims, loss prevention and security management. In that role he performed risk assessments at manufacturers and logistics partners in Asia and Europe and ensured overall supply chain security for all Acer assets.

In November 2007 Tyn moved to Shanghai to establish loss control programs with McLarens Young International, a loss adjusting and claims handling firm. In October 2010, Tyn joined TNT Express and became the Greater China Security Training and Solution Manager and was also responsible for security, investigations, export controls and business continuity for all facilities in Hong Kong which include offices, depots, warehouses and the regional aviation hub. Tyn was also the Aviation Security Manager for Greater China covering facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan. Additional responsibilities included warehouse and transportation security in the Asia Pacific region for high fashion.

Tyn is currently the Regional Head of Security for Asia Pacific at Panalpina based in Hong Kong where he started his role in September 2013.

For TAPA Asia Tyn is the acting Treasurer. Tyn also supports TAPA’s Incident Information Service working group, participates in the Standards Committee and is a trainer for the FSR and TSR standards.

Session 2


Frank Kai Fat Chow
Senior Manager, ISC²
Hong Kong

Title: Rethinking Cyber Security Threats

Abstract: Cyberspace has become an important source of information sharing and professional activities like business, banking transactions, shopping, services and advertisement. With the exponentially increase in usage of cyberspace, cybercriminal actives are also increase exponentially.

This presentation highlights the common cyber threats. Besides, this presentation also addresses Cyber Security Management System which is the framework of processes and procedures which are used to define and implement its strategy for addressing adversarial threats related to its dependence on cyberspace. Besides, it also enables organizations to articulate their strategies for addressing the Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and mobile security.

Biographical sketch: Mr. Frank Kai Fat Chow has over 15 years experience in the IT security industry. He has been responsible for managing a wide range of IT services such as information security management, BCP/DRP, and SOC etc. Frank Chow is the Chairperson of Professional Information Security Association (PISA), the (ISC)2 Hong Kong Chapter. He is currently a senior manager of Automated Systems (HK) Ltd.

He is an advocate of a number of international leading practices, such as implementing ISO27001 information security management, ISO20000 IT service management, and BS25999 business continuity management standard for various local and multinational companies.

In 2010, he has been honored as the (ISC)² Showcased Honoree of Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Award. In 2011 and 2012, he has been honored as the winner of the BCI Asia Business Continuity Award - Business Continuity Specialist.

Frank is a holder of CISSP-ISSAP-ISSMP, CSSLP, CGEIT, CRISC, CISA, CISM, CCISO, CEH, CHFI etc. His white papers were published in the industrial booklets and journals.

Session 3


Stephen Chandler
Director, Blue Key, Hong Kong

Title: Choosing the Right Ingredients of Due Diligence to Survive a Media Or Regulator Tsunami

Abstract: The presentation will examine the options available to build a due diligence package that will satisfy the Company Board and survive the impact of a Social Media or Regulator Tsunami.

Biographical Sketch: Dr. Stephen Chandler is a former Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Hong Kong Police who possesses a wide and varied investigative and management background spanning over 30 years of Police service in UK and Hong Kong. In 2005 Stephen continued his career to become the Executive Director of Security and Corporate Legal Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a multi-billion dollar global recreational and charitable institution where he was responsible amongst other areas for brand protection, upholding integrity and ethical standards throughout the organisation, compliance, crisis management, business continuity planning, and development of related budgets. Since 2011, he has worked as an Associate with Spectrum Gaming Group and Spectrum OSO Asia where he undertakes due diligence work in the gaming industry. He is also a Director of Blue Key International, an interactive on-line platform that helps to protect clients from inappropriate business supplier relationships and monitors vendor compliance.

Session 4


Theodore Kavowras
Managing Director, Panoramic Consulting Limited, Hong Kong

Title: Undercover Techniques used in Intellectual Property cases in China (case studies)

Abstract: The presentation will detail several case studies which the speaker has undertaken undercover investigations in China, where the speaker has posed as a foreign buyer to entice the counterfeiters to sell products for export. The presentation will provide numerous case studies in which the investigations involved the agents cooperation with the PSB (Public Security Bureau), AIC (Administration of Industry & Commerce) and Notaries in the Chinese legal system, and with the Customs Authorities in Hong Kong.

The presentation will illustrate the conditions and dynamics involved in such operations with images and video from concealed cameras during the undercover meetings.

Biographical sketch: Ted is a seasoned investigator, who is a retired NYPD Police Officer and has numerous years in the US Law Enforcement Arena working with various Federal agencies. Ted is currently the Operations Manager of Panoramic Consulting Limited. Ted has recently been featured in the National Geographic Documentary “Illicit, the Dark Trade”, where he is shown working undercover in cooperation with Chinese Authorities in Hong Kong and China. Ted has also been featured in CNN, CNBC, Voice of America and Reuters news reports on counterfeiting and the methodologies involved in combating it. Despite these public appearances, Ted has maintained his undercover abilities using a range of different disguises and identifies while conducting investigations.

Session 5


James D. Ratley
President & CEO, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, USA

Title: Understanding the Mindset of the Fraudster

Abstract: What causes an employee to cross the line and steal from his employer? Why do some individuals turn to fraud while others would never think of it? And how can an understanding of these questions improve organizations’ ability to prevent and detect fraud? This session will explore the psychology and thinking patterns common among fraudsters, as well as how security professionals can apply this information to increase the effectiveness of their fraud investigations.

Biographical sketch: Degree in Business Administration. In 1971, he joined the Dallas Police Department as a police officer. Mr. Ratley was assigned to several police department divisions, including vice, child abuse, and internal affairs. He was a member of numerous department task forces which concentrated on major fraud cases. In 1986, Mr. Ratley left the police department to join Wells & Associates, a forensic accounting practice, where he was in charge of fraud investigations. He handled investigations regarding internal frauds, conflicts of interest, and litigation support. In 1988, he was named Program Director for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and oversaw all aspects of the ACFE's training and education programs. In 2005, Mr. Ratley was awarded the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' Cressey Award. The Cressey Award is the ACFE's highest honor. It is bestowed annually for a lifetime of achievement in the detection and deterrence of fraud. In 2006, Mr. Ratley was named President of the ACFE. In this role, he works to promote the ACFE to the public and other professional organizations and continues to assist in the development of anti-fraud products and services to meet the needs of the ACFE's members. In addition to his executive duties, Mr. Ratley serves as a member of the ACFE's faculty, and teaches regularly at workshops and conferences on a variety of fraud-related subjects. Mr. Ratley was named One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today in 2012, with the magazine praising his leadership in a "changing, growing and evolving" accounting landscape. He was also selected as one of Security magazine's Most Influential Security Executives for 2010. This honor is bestowed each year to the top security executives who positively impact the security industry, their organizations, their colleagues and their peers. Mr. Ratley is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Austin Chapter, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Institute for Bank Director Education. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. In addition, he has been certified as a Master Peace Officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.

Session 6


Geoff Brown
Asia Group Investigations Manager, Microsoft, Thailand

Title: Investigating Workplace Violence in Asia

Abstract: As companies expand into Asia and increase their work force, so does the number of incidents/threats of violence reported. These threats can be both against the company and/or employees by internal or external individuals or groups. It is critical that communications are put in place to allow employees to quickly report threats in an effective manner. This requires staff training on what constitutes a threat and when to file a report. Proper, timely intervention by Company security is critical when managing threats of violence to better assess risk and strategically deescalate a situation before it reaches a critical level

Biographical sketch: Geoff Brown, Asia Group Investigations Manager has been with Microsoft for over 5 years. His team is responsible for managing all threats made against Microsoft and its employees in Asia including work place violence and security assisted terminations. Prior to Microsoft, Geoff was a founding member of Spectrum OSO Asia, a boutique intelligence company and the Managing Director of the Japan office in Tokyo for 6 years. Geoff spent 22 years in law enforcement as a member of the New South Wales Police Force in Australia, 18 of them as a Detective. Geoff is also a foundation and board member of the Australasian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (AATAP) providing training and guidance to threat assessment professionals in the Government and Private Sectors.

Session 7


Torsten Wolf
Group Head of Crime and Fraud Prevention, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Title: A Framework For Managing Crime and Fraud

Abstract: Enterprises are increasingly confronted with the challenging task to protect their assets and their reputation. Especially companies that operate across the globe find it extremely difficult to protect their operations from criminals and fraudsters effectively and in a consistent manner. With reference to Zurich’s comprehensive anti-crime framework the audience will get an understanding of crime and fraud risks an insurance organization typically faces and how these risks are being addressed by a multinational insurance organization. They can then reflect on how components of Zurich’s anti-crime framework may help enhance the fraud control environment within their own organizations.

Biographical sketch: Torsten Wolf is the Group Head of Crime and Fraud Prevention for Zurich Insurance. In his role he leads the Group’s efforts to prevent, detect and respond to non-claims related crime and fraud that is directed against Zurich. Torsten looks back on more than twenty years in the insurance industry where he worked across personal lines and large corporate business. Torsten is a Certified Internal Auditor and holds a Degree in Business Studies and Economics as well as a Master Degree in Business Administration. He is a regular presenter on topics of crime and fraud at international conferences.

Session 8


Neil Marshall
President, Hill & Associates (PRC) Ltd

Title: IP Protection Best Practices' in China (an operations perspective)

Abstract: Intellectual Property Rights and Fraud & Corruption are two of the top risk categories confronting foreign companies in China. When setting up new facilities or developing new partnerships, companies may be more exposed to these risks unless they take a proactive, holistic approach. Preoccupied with meeting the financial targets of the new venture, some corporate HQs may overlook the importance of implementing critical risk management measures at the start of new operations. Two critical preventive strategies that companies should implement in a new venture, especially when acquiring or partnering with a local company are corporate ethics and information assurance programs.

Biographical sketch: Mr. Marshall is an internationally experienced risk management specialist with over 30 years operating within the business risk consultancy and Security Industry. He has fulfilled a number of senior roles in executive and corporate security management throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Neil was the Area Security Manager for BASF East Asia during a period which included the SARS crisis and delivered supporting security programs for USD8bn worth of capital works projects in China. Currently he oversees Hill & Associates (PRC) Ltd operations as well as delivering the various security programs individually. Key initiatives within the China market include integrated Information Protection Programs and BCP for emergency incidents, crisis and restructuring operations.

Session 9


Douglas Florence Sr., CPP
Director Global Gaming, Avigilon, USA

Malcolm Rutherford
Director Asia Pacific eConnect, Macau

Title: Casino Investigations, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence: Mitigate Potential Litigation, Resolving Disputes & Claims for Table Games, Transaction Accountability with IP Integrations and Video

Abstract: DEFCON is an annual conference sponsored by hackers so why not learn how cheaters now employ the same tactics to “Beat The House”. Learn why the communication rooms will have a camera facing the actual rack; why keys will be change to a cyber-key where it will record who has accessed the rack itself (in-case of insider job); why rack doors will have a activation switch if an opened circuit is detected; why the network switch will be locked off on the unused port, so no one can use the spare network ports unless activated.

Biographical sketch: Douglas L. Florence Sr., CPP a surveillance and gaming operations expert, currently Business Development Director Global Gaming for Avigilon. Formerly, he was VP of Security & Surveillance for the M Resort Spa Casino and during 20 years of working with the Gaming Industry worldwide Douglas was Director of Surveillance for the Mirage and for the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino; the Executive Director of Security for the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas; KPMG as a Manager for Corporate Security and Gaming in their Boston office; an associate with Kroll Associates an international consulting firm with offices in Manhattan and Boston. He has been a subject matter expert and appeared on numerous Casino Documentaries and other news media, Douglas serves the Council Chair for the Gaming & Wagering Protection Council which he founded in 1996. He serves as the VP of Affiliate Members for the International Masters of Gaming Law.

Biographical sketch: Malcolm Rutherford is a twenty-five year casino operations and game protection veteran, with considerable knowledge of all casino functions, how they interact and how to protect them from internal and external threats. He is currently the Director of the Asia Pacific region for eConnect, helping them to showcase and develop their world leading Big Data-to-Video integration product: Casino Connect. Prior to joining eConnect and as a client, Malcolm was instrumental in conceptualizing next generation concepts which have become best practices for the gaming industry. Mr. Rutherford is well known for his keen understanding of casino game performance and fraud detection through data/video analytics. Formerly Corporate Investigations Manager with the Galaxy Entertainment Group, responsible for the protection or assets, revenue, patrons and personnel as well as reputation across the Galaxy Macau, Star World and City Clubs sites.

Session 10


Mark Hayman
Leader Resilience, Security & Risk Consulting Practice
Ove Arup & Partners
Hong Kong

Title: Security Master Planning, Iconic Buildings, and APAC Projects – Opportunities Gained and Lost to Build in Resilience.

Abstract: Design approaches differ across the Region. Some cities have adopted integrated master planning, considering the development as a whole and tasking multi-disciplinary teams to develop business continuity and emergency plans at an early stage, with implicit backing from government. In other places large development areas have been defined and then treated as separate and discrete parcels with security planning provided by developers for individual projects only.

Biographical sketch: Mark leads Arup’s Resilience, Security & Risk (RSR) consulting practice in East Asia, and is based in Hong Kong. RSR delivers full service security consulting to clients directly or as part of a wider multi disciplinary Arup offering. Key knowledge areas include threat and risk Assessment, security planning, counter terrorism, business continuity and contingency planning, and security infrastructure. Mark has extensive experience in the security field gained from 5 years within Arup working on high profile and iconic projects, and from 15 years management and leadership positions within the Hong Kong Police specializing in Counter Terrorism, VIP Protection, special event security and major event planning. Mark is currently the Chairman of the OSAC Hong Kong Committee, and obtained the Certified Protection Professional qualification in 2008. He has spoken at international conferences on security issues.

Session 11


Totti Karpela
CEO, Peace of Mind
Hong Kong

Title: Those Famous Last Words! - Conflict Resolution Skills as part of Organizations Risk Management Strategy

Abstract: Difficult customers, internal employee conflicts, receiving claims from unhappy customers, dealing with indivuals who are aggressive or passive-aggressive, crisis intervention skills for extreme situations and advanced communication skills for management for the everyday conflicts.

Do you feel that your staff could handle difficult customers in a more professional and smoother way? Do you get agitated when you have to speak to an individual who is reluctant to listen and has a strong prejudice towards you? Do you feel that you are loosing customers or valuable employees due to poor or insufficient communication skills training? Are you sometimes afraid or intimidated to talk to an individual who seems to be overly aggressive in his demeanor?

The presentation will cover these issues and many more in a inter-active training session. In this lecture we will go through several real-life cases, audio clips, videos, newspaper articles that will provide the participants with an insight to a broad variety of cases and case management strategies. The topics covered are:

  • Typical communication failures
  • Why do customers get angry in the first place?
  • Why do we, the professionals in customer service get angry?
  • How to respond professionally to unpleasant behavior?
  • Cut-off signals and other non-verbal communication skills.
  • How do I create voluntary compliance with individuals who do not wish to comply?
  • Verbal de-escalation techniques.

Biographical sketch: Senior sergeant (ret.) Karpela has a 20-year history as a law enforcement officer. During his career, sgt. Karpela has worked with tactical units, hostage negotiations and for the past 10 years as the subject matter expert in threat management and workplace violence prevention. Mr. Karpela lectures globally on topics related to workplace violence prevention and are the owner of the largest threat management training company in Finland. Mr. Karpela has also worked as a specialist for the European Council in threat management. He has been trained organizations such as Gavin De Becker Inc, F.B.I. and U.S. Secret Service.

Session 12


Henry Ee
Managing Director, Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte. Ltd. (BCP Asia),

Title: East Meets West: Business Continuity Trends, Issues & Best Practices in Asia That You Should Know About

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to provide the international community with an overview of how Business Continuity Management (BCM) is continuously developing in Asia and what lessons can be learned from BCM-relevant practices / principles being applied or integrated by local businesses. This will be achieved by highlighting some issues, trends and challenges that compel businesses in the region to look into BCM for establishing “Business Resiliency.” Moreover, the presentation will provide information on industry “best practices” that are trending in Asia.

Biographical sketch: With over 17 years of experience in Business Continuity Management (BCM), Henry has trained more than 2000 professionals and has implemented more than 200 projects in various industries including the healthcare, manufacturing, financial, logistics and the public sectors all across Asia. He has greatly contributed to the development of various BCM Standards and was part of the technical committee for the ISO 22301:2012, the Singapore Standard SS540:2008 and the British Standard BS25999. He is a certified management consultant and is fully certified under the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). He was also involved in the development of the US Standard by ASIS, BC Provider Standard SS507 and ISO22301. Since 2008, he is the appointed Regional Director of BCI (Asia) since 2008 and was the first Asian to be elected as a BCI (UK) Board Member in 2006.

Keynote Speaker - Thursday

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tim Summers
Senior Consulting Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House, Hong Kong

Biographical sketch: Tim Summers is a Chatham House Senior Consulting Fellow on China. He teaches Chinese Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a regular provider of research and policy advice to the European Union through the Europe China Research and Advice Network, and chairs the China Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. He set up XTEChina Consulting Ltd in 2010 to offer independent research and advice to clients with business and investment interests relating to China.

Tim has spent most of the last sixteen years working on China. His unique background combines a strong track record in research and analysis with practical experience in China.

Tim began his career as a British diplomat, culminating in a posting as Consul-General (senior British representative) in Chongqing from 2004 to late 2007. His work there gave him first-hand experience of working in China with government and business and provided particular insights into the fast-developing cities of Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming. Tim previously worked in the Cabinet Office, London, producing political, economic and intelligence analysis on south Asia for the top levels of the British government. From 1997 to 2001 he was Political/Economic Consul in the British Consulate-General in Hong Kong.

Tim speaks regularly on China to a range of commercial, public and academic audiences, at events organized by the Economist, Euromoney, Chambers of Commerce, and the Hong Kong government on issues from China’s 12th Five-Year Programme to leadership politics in China. He has also spoken privately on strategic political and economic issues to Boards and senior executives of corporates from the US, Japan and Europe, and to fund managers and other investors.

His book Yunnan – A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia will be published in 2013.

Tim reads Chinese and speaks fluent Putonghua and Cantonese. His first degree was from the University of Cambridge and his PhD, in Chinese Studies, was obtained at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife and young son.

Abstract: A year after a transition to new leadership at the top of the Communist Party of China, this presentation will assess the policy priorities of China’s new leaders. What will be the approach to the apparent slowing of economic growth, and how will efforts to change the structure of China’s economy fare? How will the Party deal with growing popular expectations in areas such as health and education? Is China’s new President, Xi Jinping, likely to oversee the introduction of political reforms? What risks are brought through China’s growing role in global issues? Tim will outline the policy direction of the new leadership, and identify the political and security risks brought on by the rapid pace of change in China.

Session 13


Paul Devassy, CPP
Corporate Security Manager - South Asia, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

Title: Social Engineering – Posing Challenges To The Thinking Security Professional

Abstract: Social engineering saps life from organizations. As practitioners of Corporate Security we have to evolve methodologies to combat this silent menace so as to safeguard organizational interests.

Biographical sketch: Paul was commissioned to the Indian Army's in 1992 during his tenure in Kashmir he was decorated for Bravery. Resigned as a Major and subsequently joined Corporation Bank in India as Regional Security Coordinator. After 7 years he moved on to Fidelity Investments as the Corporate Security Manager for Bangalore - India. He then moved on to the position of Senior Manager Security in Standard Chartered Bank India. He is currently serving as Corporate Security Manager South Asia at Henkel Adhesives Technology. Paul is CPP certified and has authored article titled ‘Customer satisfaction catalyzing enhanced security environment in organizations’. He successfully presented the same topic at ASIS conference @ Orlando in 2011. Paul presently is the Chairperson of the ASIS Mumbai India Chapter.

Session 14


Chris Cubbage, CPP
Director & Principal Consultant, Amlec House Pty Limited, Australia

Title: City CCTV Surveillance Systems and the Prospects for Integrating Social Media Into CCTV Operations

Abstract: An insight into Capital and Regional City use of public CCTV systems in the Asia Pacific. The use of open public network services in City and community CCTV Design is set to change how security is integrated in digital enabled economies. Such is the potential to marry digital CCTV surveillance systems with social media activity for enhanced tracking, such as the future integration with facial recognition systems. The presentation will present the business case for security to be digitally adapted to enhance community and organisation safety, from finding lost children through to responding more effectively to emergencies and serious crime.

Biographical sketch: Chris Cubbage CPP, GAICD is an established security professional servicing government and corporate sectors. Chris is a contracted security advisor to police and local government agencies and has designed, reviewed and audited security for some of Australia's leading organisations. Chris has particular expertise in the design of city wide digital CCTV surveillance systems. Chris was a homicide detective, federal crime commission investigator and is a published author, documenter, and Executive Editor and Producer of a regional corporate and government security magazine and online TV channel. Chris is active in the ASIS WA Chapter 223 and an event media partner with ASIS International Asia Pacific, ASIS New York and ASIS NSW Chapter Conferences.

Session 15


Sanumon MP, CPP
Manager- Global Protective Services - Asia Pacific Region, Cisco Systems Ltd, India

Title: Is Your Security Function Future Proof?

Abstract: Weakest link in the security system is the human element. Individuals’ competency and motivation plays a major role in enhancing the overall competency of your team. Is your team as competent and passionate as you like them to be? Continued professional excellence of our function is solely dependent on our ability as team leaders to assist in the development of the team so that they are poised to take over as the Future Security leaders. This will only happen when personnel on ground consider ‘security’ no longer a last-resort-job but a serious and a sought after career.

Biographical sketch: MP Sanumon, CPP started his career in the Indian Armed forces and had the rare privilege of serving in the Indian Army and in the Indian Navy for 12 years. Resigned his commission as a Capt and started his Corporate Security journey in the Financial sector for 3 years. He followed this with a stint in the IT sector based out of the IT city of Bangalore in India, with Wipro Technologies as Senior Manager - Security. He is presently working with Cisco Systems as Manager- Global Protective Services, responsible for Asia Pacific region. He is an active member in OSAC forum (Bangalore, India) and other Security forums and believes strongly in collaboration and knowledge sharing. Sanumon is actively involved in mentoring CPP aspirants.

Session 16


Eric Ives
Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA

Title: Major Theft - A Gateway Crime With National and Economic Security Implications

Abstract: The presentation discusses the economic and national security implications of major theft crimes and provides an overview of several FBI undercover operations to demonstrate the nexus to international organized crime.

Biographical sketch: Eric Ives is the FBI’s primary contact and subject matter expert for all matters related to Cargo Theft, Organized Retail Theft, Art Theft, and Jewelry/Gem Theft. Special Agent Ives has worked in various capacities over his 18-year FBI career, with emphasis on theft-focused programs. While assigned to the Interstate Theft Task Force in Los Angeles, he was the Case Agent on a long-term undercover operation which successfully dismantled many criminal enterprises engaged in the international transportation of stolen property. The operation forced the closure of many black-market retailers and resulted in more than 100 arrests and the recovery of millions of dollars of stolen property. Ives has received national awards from the National Retail Federation, American Trucking Association, Jeweler’s Security Alliance, and Department of Justice.

Session 17


Leonard Ong, CPP
Associate Partner. Head of Information Security & Risk, Citihub, Singapore

Title: Advanced Persistent Threat (APT): Next Generation Cyber Attack

Biographical sketch: Leonard is a board certified in security management professional with over 16 years of experience gained in investment banking, telecommunication, and enterprise environments. He has been in both technical and management roles including network security, project management, corporate security, security consulting and information security.

Leonard is currently heading up a regional Information Security and Risk function at Citihub. Citihub is a consulting firm specializing in Financial Services Industry. 7 out of 10 top Investment Banks are its client.  Previously, he has worked in investment bank that operates in over 10 different markets within Asia Pacific region. Leonard has provided security consulting and services for large enterprises, telecommunication carriers and government agency.

He is serving in board of security associations such as ASIS International (Singapore Chapter), ISACA Singapore Chapter and Global Information Assurance Certification.   Leonard has been a volunteer leader since 2007 with ASIS International (Singapore Chapter) and was elected as Honorary Chairman in 2011 and re-elected in 2012 for two years term.  His longest voluntary activity was with ISACA Singapore Chapter that dated back a decade ago in 2003.  In 2012, Leonard was elected as President of ISACA Singapore Chapter and was re-elected in 2013.

In 2005, the Singapore National Infocomm Competency Centre (NICC) awarded Leonard with ‘IT Specialist of the Year’ for his contribution to Information Security community and for exemplifying life-long learning & personal development.  The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)2,  recognised Leonard’s contribution in the region and awarded him the prestigious Information Security Leadership Achievement for Senior Information Security Professional category.

Leonard received his Master of Computing from National University of Singapore. He speaks at various conferences on security topics.


Werner Preining , CPP
Interpool Security, Ltd, Austria

Biographical sketch: A former merchant-marine captain, Preining works in security since 1980. In 1984, he joined ASIS and started to work for Interpool Security Ltd. A CPP since 1989, Werner specialized from the beginning of his career in high-end physical-security, Emergency/Disaster Management and IT security. During the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games he was in charge of the communication-center of the Georgia State University, the venue for Badminton. He acquired the CAS designation in 2007 as well as qualified as a CMAS in 2009. Since the beginning of 2001 Werner is both a member of the Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council as well as the IT-Security Council. Werner is Chapter Chairman of Vienna Chapter. He serves in a number of ASIS Council including IT Security Council and Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council. Werner Preining, CPP, is the 2011 recipient of the Roy N. Bordes Council Member Award of Excellence.

Abstract: Cyber attacks usually confined to information loss and is detected with available end-point security software. In the recent trend, APT has surfaced as cyber attacks that cross the line between cyber and physical world. One of the first APTs was designed to compromised industrial system that disable nuclear facilities in Iran Another was designed to attack Google and high-tech companies to steal top secret intellectual property. APTs have 3 different characteristics: Advanced (Uses combination of sophisticated techniques), Persistent (uses many ways to achieve its objectives), Threat (Coordinated attacks). It is a whole new game for Corporate and Information Security Managers.

Session 18


Scott Bernat
Director of Maritime Solutions, G2 Ops, Inc, USA

Title: Securing Indonesia's Port and Maritime Industry: Challenges and Solutions

Abstract: The security of Indonesia's ports and maritime infrastructure is dependent on the development of cost-effective programs geared not only to protect assets but also to instill international investor confidence. The International Maritime Organization ISPS Code provides minimum requirements, often a challenge to achieve and maintain for many of Indonesia's vast number of strategic and "special purpose" ports. Regulatory issues, labor disputes, corruption, criminality, piracy and terrorism must be understood in the Indonesian context and accounted for when structuring a tailored security risk management program. Explore Indonesia's port and maritime industry and learn to develop and market security solutions that work.

Biographical sketch: Mr. Bernat is the Director of Maritime Solutions for G2 Ops, Inc., an innovative company providing Information Technology, Engineering Services and Safety/Security Solutions for Government, Commercial Maritime and associated Energy Industries. He is a retired US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Supervisory Special Agent and a recognized expert on Asia-Pacific regional security. During his assignment as Chief of US Military security in Indonesia, his responsibilities included port and maritime security for all visiting US Naval forces. He is the author of “Resource Utilization: Building an Effective Security Program in the Asia Pacific Region” (Asia Pacific Security Magazine), "Security in the Asia-Pacific: Protecting Port and Maritime Assets" (American Chamber of Commerce - Indonesia; Asia Pacific Security Magazine; The Maritime Executive) and "Indonesia Port Security: International Standards for Success" (American Chamber of Commerce - Indonesia; The Maritime Executive).

Session 19


Pramod Bhatt
Vice President, Deutsche Bank, India

Title: Non-Standard Behaviour Detection: Risk From Insider

Abstract: An insider, who has access to organization’s information, can misuse it in a manner that can affect confidentiality of information or can result in loss of business. Such insider often displays certain Non-standard Behaviour (NSB). There are several existing data points related to insider that can be utilized to detect NSB. However, these data points which often reside in silos with different departments needs to be pulled together under a single framework with the help of available tool and techniques to effectively track NSB indicators. Non-standard Behaviour(NSB) framework development process involves finding answer to several question such as, who are insiders, why and how do they steal information, how to detect such cases and how to identify insider.

Biographical sketch: Pramod is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience in the field of security and Intelligence. Earlier, he headed Protective Intelligence practice of Deutsche Bank in South Asia. He was risk advisor to regional and country heads of Physical Security, Anti-Fraud, Cyber Forensics, Executive Protection, Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Prior to this, Pramod worked as a risk management consultant in South Asia. He consulted a number of Fortune 500 companies. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad and Risk Leadership School London. He is also a trained criminologist. With seventeen years of experience in the field of security risk management, Pramod has spoken at several international events such as ASIS International conferences in Orlando and Kuala Lumpur, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional Conference at Philadelphia, ASIS CSO Round Table in Kuala Lumpur and Asia Crisis & Security Group in Mumbai.

Session 20


Geoffrey T. Craighead, CPP
Vice President Universal Security Service, USA

Title:State of High Rise Building Security

Biographical sketch: Security executive, published author and expert witness with extensive experience in security management and contract security. For over 30 years has been involved with the security and life safety operations of commercial facilities in Hong Kong and North America.

Managed security staff, conducted risk assessments, carried out investigations, formulated security policies and procedures, written emergency management plans, developed security training programs and contributed chapters and articles on subjects ranging from high-rise security, emergency planning and security consulting, to the use of computers in security management.

Served on professional boards and committees that include the ASIS International Board of Directors; the NFPA International High-Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee; the BOMA Greater Los Angeles Board of Directors; the ASIS Professional Certification Board which administers certification programs for security professionals throughout the world; the ASIS Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline Committee; and the ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council.

Board certified in security management as a certified protection professional (CPP) by ASIS International, accredited as a building security certified professional (BSCP) by the Building Security Council (American Society of Civil Engineers), and certified by the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide high-rise life safety services. Member of the Architectural Engineering Institute and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Spoken on high-rise security and fire life safety for leading security, real estate, office, hotel and casino, multi-housing, shopping center, banking and financial, mixed-use, risk and insurance management groups, organizations and property management firms in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Specialties: Demonstrated expertise in the security and fire life safety of office buildings, hotels, residential and apartment buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

Session 21


Jack Chu
President, RA Consultants Ltd
Hong Kong

Title: Private Investigators Survive Or Extinct in China?

Abstract: Personal data flashed around the market in China is not a secret; recently number of private investigators were arrested and being charged illegally sourcing and distributing private data by Chinese authorities. More and more stories have been released and will this industry be in danger? Are Chinese authorities going to put personal privacy law in practice? Where is the focus on this industry in China? As a Chinese investigation firm we would like to share with you our view and under lots of uncertain circumstance, our prediction for the future of this industry.

Biographical sketch: Mr. Jack CHU, the President of RA Consultants Ltd. since 2000. Mr. Chu worked in Chinese law enforcement for more than 20 years in China and Hong Kong, dedicated himself to work with private security corporations in the past 17 years.

Session 22


Christopher Phinney, CPP
Adjunct Lecturer, Edith Cowan University

Abstract: This presentation will provide an overview of a PhD research project to define the commercial security body of knowledge within a commercial security context. As the development of the security profession is still in a nascent stage, the security body of knowledge is in its infancy with no universally accepted definition of security currently available. The purpose of this research project is to identify the core knowledge categories that comprise the field of commercial security, determine the relevant security concepts that make up the knowledge categories, and, lastly, to elicit, formalize and document tacit knowledge commonly used in commercial security.

Biographical sketch: Chris Phinney is a Canadian citizen with 18 years expertise and experience in the electronic security industry, having lived and worked for the past 16 years in Singapore. A member of ASIS International, Chris is a designated Certified Protection Professional (CPP). He currently works for Bosch Security Systems in China as Regional Business Unit Manager for the Asia Pacific region.

Session 23


Dr. Dencio Severo Acop , CPP
Associate Director / Head of Security and Intelligence, Wyeth Nutrition

Title: Intelligence: The Neglected Better Half of Security

Abstract: The presentation argues that the security solutions employed by today's companies prove inadequate. These solutions are reactive, merely addressing the 99% of threats easily deterred or mitigated by them. However, they do not address the 1% of threats which are the determined intruders unfazed by any barrier. The high-profile criminals attacking hardened targets in broad daylight belong to this 1% type of threat. This category can only be effectively addressed by the employment of active intelligence programs that seek to neutralize the threat before it can act. But would companies risk the added investment? The presentation thinks the investment is worth it.

Biographical sketch: Dencio Acop is a retired army colonel who spent half of his career performing intelligence work. After 27 years in the military, Acop joined consultancy group Pacific Strategies and Assessments in 2007, then Wyeth, Pfizer, and now Nestle as Head of Security and Intelligence of its subsidiary Wyeth Nutrition. Acop graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1983 and has masters degrees in Public Administration (University of the Philippines), Management (University of South Wales), and a PhD in Peace and Security Administration (Bicol University).

Session 24


Dr. Marc Siegel
Commissioner Global Standards Initiative, ASIS International, Belgium

Title: Organizational Resilience”? Building a more resilient organization

Abstract: The presentation will discuss how to use the tools of organizational resilience and enterprise security risk management to build a more resilient organization to create and protect intangible and tangible assets.

Biographical sketch: Dr. Marc Siegel is the Commissioner heading the ASIS International Global Standards Initiative developing international and national risk management, resilience, security, and supply chain standards as well as provides training on their implementation. He is a RABQSA International certified Business Improvement Lead Auditor, as well as a certified Trainer and Skills Assessor for both security and resilience management As an Adjunct Professor in the College of Business Administration and the Master’s Program in Homeland Security at San Diego State University, Dr. Siegel pioneered the concept of applying a systems approach to security and resilience management for organizations and their supply chains. His work includes providing training and guidance on implementation of risk, resilience and security management systems, as well as risk management in regions of conflict and weakened governance for the protection of assets and human rights. Dr. Siegel chaired the technical committees and working groups for the series of ANSI standards developed to provide accountability to legal requirements and the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for private security service providers. Co-Author : Organizational Resilience: Managing Risks of Disruptive Events – A Practitioner’s Guide, by James Leflar and Marc Siegel, CRC Press, 2013.

Closing Session

Prof. Dr. Narayanan Srinivasan
Director, ECU-Emirates Education and Research Centre. (UAE)
Professor of Security and Risk, Edith Cowan University (Australia)
Title: Professionalising Security: The lessons learned and the way forward

Biography: Prof. Srinivasan completed his studies at the University of Malaya (Malaysia) and Cambridge University (UK) in areas of Criminology and Public Administration. He also completed programmes at Cornell and Harvard Universities in the areas of security management, international security and current trends in security profiling. Prof. Srinivasan is engaged in many research projects in the area of aviation and maritime security in Australia, UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and works as a consultant to airlines and governments in these regions. He is credited with professionalising the security industry through education programmes globally.

Prof. Srinivasan is also part of the UN Expert Group on Civilian Private Security and a member of several professional groups looking at the professionalization of security including the Australasian Council of Security Professionals.

Abstract: The security industry has undergone many changes over the past 2 decades and been 'professionalised' over these years. The challenges that the industry has faced and undergone over these years is worth analysing to understand who are really security professionals. In fact, the question worth asking is 'Is security a profession?'

This presentation will go through the current efforts that have been taken to professionalise the industry including the efforts of professional associations (such as ASIS), trade related organisations and industry driven groups. It will also show how other comparable industries became professional (such as engineering, law and nursing) and drawing on the experiences of the other industries, try to understand what needs to be done further to make security a truly professional rendition. The final part of the presentation will cover the professional programmes that are available and analyse if these are working.