Online Registration Links

Your ASIS member login and password are currently not linked to the registration system for the European conference. Therefore, you are kindly requested to create an account on the following page, as the first step of your online registration. You will then be able to get back in this system to amend your registration, process a credit card payment, print your invoice, etc.

For all delegates (except if coming from a Dutch VAT registered company):

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21% Dutch VAT (Value Added Tax) will be applied to the above registration fees for registrations submitted by individual delegates (private customer), delegates from an EU VAT registered company (outside of the Netherlands) or from a company outside of the EU.

For delegates from Dutch VAT registered companies:

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For any registration submitted by a delegate from a Dutch VAT registered company, no VAT will be added to the above fees, as per a special Dutch tax law (a valid Dutch VAT number will be required in the registration process).