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Executive Protection: Smarter, Faster, Better

Publisher: Noble House

Author: Robert L. Oatman, CPP

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$37 Nonmember Price
Format: Hardcover

Executive Protection (EP) is a security specialty focused on safeguarding the life, health, time, reputation, and peace of mind of corporate executives and others who face elevated risk. This book is carefully designed to help security practitioners work smarter through digital counter-surveillance and psychological threat assessment; faster through security metrics and optimized executive transportation; and better through avoidance of frequently made mistakes in EP.  The book explains the case for, and place of, EP in the corporate environment, so that EP programs can receive needed support (policy, executive acceptance, and funding).

Key Features

  • Section I addresses EP in the corporate environment—selling EP to the corporation and the protectee.
  • Section II examines urgent issues in EP—counter-surveillance, psychological issues, and the latest in secure transportation.
  • Section III looks at the business of EP—the money, marketing, and management involved in founding an EP services firm.
  • An appendix provides useful content for persuading senior management, along with descriptions of valuable EP resources.

This book is for directors who manage or hope to develop EP programs, whether in-house or contracted; EP managers and specialists who need to stay up-to-date in EP best practices; and security, law enforcement, and other personnel wishing to learn more about EP with an eye toward entering the field. Corporate travel staff, public relations staff, and top executives themselves can likewise learn here about the value of executive protection and the best ways to practice it.

Item #: 2250

ISBN: 978-1-934696-56-9

Publish Date: 2015

Pages: 200