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Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era

Publisher: Noble House

Author: Robert L. Oatman, CPP

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Format: Hardcover

Written for those who provide protection and for those who require it, this book begins with an examination of the world's current threat trends. It then discusses the practical value of executive protection (EP) in a corporate environment and describes the techniques of the all-important risk assessment, on which any intelligent protection program must be based. Additional chapters describe countersurveillance, the roles of firearms and technology in EP, local and long-distance travel, training and management of EP staff, and other vital topics.

The goal of EP is to safeguard those who face above-average personal risk due to their high positions in business or government or the special characteristics of their family profile. This book is a must-have for all executive protection specialists.

Reviewed in Security Management, 12/06. 

Also available in Spanish.

Item #: 1694

ISBN: 9781561679423

Publish Date: 2006

Pages: 250