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Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship, 2nd Ed

Publisher: ASIS International

Author: Paula L. Ratliff

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$65 Nonmember Price
Format: Softcover

When a 21-year-old entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, to attend a Bible study, no one except the shooter knew the terror that was about to unfold. As he participated in the Bible study for about an hour, eventually he did what he came to do—he pulled out a gun and killed nine people and injured one.
This horrific crime compelled discussions about race, gun control, and mental illness across America. However, it should also be a catalyst towards the review of SECURITY at religious and cultural facilities.
  • Were there clues that an observant member should have noticed?
  • Did anyone question his attendance?
  • Did anyone notice the backpack? Did anyone attempt to look inside?
  • How was it that twelve people could not stop him?
Reading this book will help answer those questions and more, as you secure your holy place of worship. It will assist you in developing awareness, identifying areas of prevention, and formulating a response to crime when it does occur so that your congregation may enjoy a safe environment in which to worship. 
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ISBN: 9781934904749

Publish Date: 2015

Pages: 262