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Active Shooter in High Rise Environment Critical Differences

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11 October 2017
14:00 - 15:00

High Rise Active Shooter is a different type of threat that requires a different type of response.  Such incidents at the Discovery Channel, 1 Market Plaza, 101 California Street and Citigroup Center emphasize the point that active shooters in high rises require very different responses. This is especially critical in multi-tenant high rises. 

There is little research or data on Active Shooters in high rises. Our high rise experts are practitioners who will explore the difficulties for tenants and building managers and present best practices from NYC’s high-rise law, police and fire agencies nationally, NFPA and OSHA.

The third dimension added by the multiple floors found in a high rise building create complications that must be addressed in advance.  The elevators, stairwells, fire alarms and tenants’ reactions all combine to make a difficult situation more challenging.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What are the fatal flaws in high rise active shooter response?

  2. What are the laws, regulations and standards that inform high rise emergency plans?

  3. What are tenants’ responsibilities? Building managers’ responsibilities?​

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