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Violence At Work: Causes, Patterns and Prevention

Martin Gill, PhD, Bonnie Fisher, and Vaughan Bowie, Editors
Willan Publishers
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Workplace violence has emerged as a rapidly growing concern in today's interdependent political economy, and increasing attention is being paid to the phenomenon by business, industry, health and welfare services, and the academic world. In this book a distinguished international team of contributors, composed of both academics and practitioners, identify and address the key issues, presenting the results and lessons learned from a range of case studies in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and Australia. Chapters of the book address issues of the different types of violence; identify the range of risk factors involved; explore the links between lifestyle and workplace violence; examine the motivations of perpetrators of workplace violence, and gender differences in victimization patterns; look at the way organizations cope with workplace violence; and the implications of workplace violence for resource managers, trade unions, and other involved in prevention and support programs. This book provides an authoritative foundation from which to develop ways of better explaining, predicting, understanding, and preventing workplace violence, and is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the subject.

Format: Hardcover

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