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Tourism, Security and Safety from Theory to Practice

Edited by Yoel Mansfeld and Abraham Pizam
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The subject of safety and security in the tourism industry is of vital importance globally. In recent years, and mainly after the events of 9/11, both academics and practitioners have started to address crisis management issues and seek workable solutions in order to mitigate the negative impacts of safety and security incidences on the tourism industry.Tourism, Safety and Security brings together the writings of worldwide experts in the field and offers managerial strategies and tactics that address an array of safety and security problems, such as terrorism, health crises, crime, and political upheaval.

Divided into four sections the book addresses:

Tourism and security issues, including the impact of terror in the hotel market in Israel Tourism and crime issues, including premises liability, drug trafficking, theft, and street robbery Tourism and safety issues, including the impact of SARS in Asia and Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK Tourism crisis management issues, including the 9/11 crisis, public relations, and the aftermath of the Bali bombings Tourism and hospitality practitioners will find this book a helpful reference and a practical guide for successful operations of tourism enterprises before, during, and after security crises.

Format: Hardcover

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