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Managing Critical Incidents and Large-Scale Event Security

Eloy Nuñez and Ernest G. Vendrell, CPP
CRC Press
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2017 Award Winner of the ASIS Security Book of the Year
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The authors aim to provide the most current and effective resources for managing special events and critical incidents. Their book relies heavily on case studies and after action reports that examine the lessons learned from a multitude of previous events and incidents. In addition, the text identifies and examines best practices and recommended approaches, providing the reader with a variety of checklists and planning tools.
Key Features
  • Identifies relevant best practices for planning and managing large-scale events and critical incidents
  • Provides recommendations for effective preparedness, response, and recovery actions associated with these types of events
  • Tactical, operational, and strategic levels are examined in depth to provide the reader with a comprehensive approach to planning and responding to large-scale events and critical incidents
  • Provide various checklists and tools that can be used by professionals as a guide to assist in planning and responding to large-scale special events and critical incidents
  • The authors have the requisite professional background and credentials to provide a credible and expansive examination of planning for large-scale special events and critical incidents
This valuable resource will be of interest to administrators and security teams who are responsible for managing critical incidents, as well as security managers in general.
Format: Hardcover


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