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Information Warfare

Daniel Ventre
ISTE, Ltd. and Wiley
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This book introduces the concept of “information warfare,” covering its evolution over the last decade and its development and deployment by several economic and political giants: the United States, China, Russia, Japan, India, and Singapore. There is a discussion of the national characteristics of these countries, including what they mean by the concept of information warfare, what it comprises, and how it relates to their wider military doctrines, as well as their specific national political, diplomatic, and economic issues.

The use of information warfare as a form of attack is also covered, with particular emphasis given to cyberspace, which has become the setting for a new war—as the tool not only of nations but also terrorists, activists, and insurgents. The ongoing challenges faced by countries which have often failed to secure their electronic and network assets in cyberspace (such as Japan, Singapore, and the United States), in terms of national and defense security, and economic power losses, are also covered.

Notable cyber attacks are analyzed and studied to allow the reader to better understand the conflicts, helping to define, for example, what is merely cyber crime and what constitutes warfare in cyberspace.

Reviewed in Security Management, 01/11.

Format: Hardcover


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