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Executive Protection: Rising to the Challenge

Robert Oatman, CPP
ASIS International
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Executive protection (EP)—the task of keeping key personnel safe from intentional and unintentional harm—is a widespread, recognized specialty in the security field. Its purpose is to safe-guard people who face an above-average level of risk or whose security is especially important to an organization. This book by EP expert, Bob Oatman, focuses mainly on the protection of corporate executives but also addresses protective service for wealthy individuals (and, of course, those two categories often overlap), as well as low-key government details for federal judges or cabinet members. Typically, EP is performed by corporate employees for a corporation‘s top tier of executives, by family employees for all family members, by outside contractors, or by a combination of EP professionals.

This book will be of interest to security directors/chief security officers who oversee (or perhaps should develop) EP programs in their organizations; EP specialists who wish to boost their knowledge so they can perform their work more effectively; and security, law enforcement, and other personnel who may wish to consider entering the specialty of EP.

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Format: Hardcover

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