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Cross-Training for First Responders

Gregory Bennett
CRC Press
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The tragedy that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001, brought enhanced emergency preparedness among first responders to the forefront of public awareness. Since those events—and despite significant progress made in many of the areas previously deemed deficient—some response areas are still woefully inadequate.

Cross-Training for First Responders demonstrates that the best way responders can prepare for, react to, and mitigate an incident is to require them to train outside their traditional responsibilities—thereby developing an understanding of other first responder agencies’ terms, methods, and operational procedures. This book explains the kind of training required to prevent a lack of situational awareness by those thrust into unfamiliar territory during crisis events or mass disasters. Other topics include ways to curtail the inherent tensions that arise between voluntary and career responders, how to turn conflicts between various responding agencies into collaboration, innovative training strategies, grant opportunities to pay for training and equipment, and the rising trend of on-line training courses.

By identifying problem areas and offering concrete solutions, this book enables first responders to harness every possible advantage so that they are prepared and ready to confront the next crisis, no matter where it may strike.

Features include:
  • Identifies gaps in knowledge among various first responder personnel that inhibit adequate response
  • Examines ways to improve responder situational awareness
  • Discusses innovative training strategies
  • Demonstrates how to plan and conduct drills to test response ability
Reviewed in Security Management, 11/11.

Format: Hardcover

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