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Confidential: Business Secrets: Getting Theirs - Keeping Yours, 2nd Ed

John Nolan
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In an increasingly competitive world, companies must learn all that they can about their rivals, their abilities and resources, their problems, their plans for the future. But reading the journals and chatting up peers at trade shows is no longer enough; companies must develop an organized, systematic plan to collect and analyze information and to protect their own data. Welcome to the world of Competitive Intelligence. John Nolan, one of its foremost practitioners offers a comprehensive guide to this burgeoning field. Drawing on his decades of experience not only in business intelligence, but also with the government, Nolan provides the basics of business intelligence, including data elicitation and sourcing, along with higher-level intelligence gathering and counterintelligence tactics for more sophisticated corporate policymakers. You will learn how your company can gather the intelligence it needs to beat the competition, while keeping your own valuable secrets under wraps.

Format: Softcover

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