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Protecting Schools and Universities from Terrorism: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers

Lt. Colonel Jeffrey A. Adams (US Army, Ret.) and Dr. Joshua Sinai
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Today, many security experts believe that schools and universities are viable targets for terrorist activity. Terrorists' motivations, objectives, modi operandi, and targets have radically changed from what they were before, when schools and universities were generally immune from direct targeting. It is the objective of this guide to provide administrators and teachers with the security framework and necessary checklists to ensure that their facilities and students are properly protected against a terrorist attack, whether biological, chemical, radiological, or, in the absolute worst-case scenario, nuclear.

This guide also addresses more conventional tactics used by terrorists, such as detonating explosives and indiscriminately shooting students. University administrators and teachers need to become aware of such potential threats and adopt the necessary preventative measures to ensure that their campuses and students are properly protected. Preparation for defending against a terrorist attack can help prevent one. Additionally, should an actual incident occur, this book provides information that will help to effectively manage the crisis and consequence phases of an attack.

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