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Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence

Edward J. Appel
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The design, mode of use, and inherent nature of a shared infrastructure creates vulnerabilities for all users. Online criminal investigations, employment “vetting” and background investigations, and open-source intelligence, a vital part of national security, all have been revolutionized by the explosive growth of the Internet. Information technology (IT) has enabled improved efficiencies, but has introduced increased levels of complexity and vulnerability that present a daunting challenge for enterprise and personal security.

Addressing the mammoth task of formalizing and regulating the use of the Internet as an investigative tool, Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence advocates improved security and investigative measures, established benchmarks, and universal guidelines for adopting new methods to improve the investigative and intelligence profession.

  • Discusses the potential that the Internet holds for professional investigators
  • Offers some of the challenges, risks, and caveats to overcome in exploiting the potential of Internet searching and analysis
  • Covers the legal, policy, privacy and management issues posed by Internet misbehavior and the availability of evidence
  • Provides a policy and procedural framework for effective Internet searching in investigations and intelligence
  • Presents numerous real-world examples illustrating the ever-changing usage of the Internet and trends and habits of individuals as well as the emerging use in investigations
  • Outlines the challenges of Internet misuse facing business, government, and academia and explores strategies and options
Reviewed in Security Management, 12/11.

Format: Hardcover


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