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Hospital Emergency Response Teams

Jan Glarum, Don Birou, Edward Cetaruk, M.D.
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A hospital can continue to function during a disaster or terrorist attack if a Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT) protects the facility by establishing and staffing an emergency treatment area. The entire text of this timely book is dedicated to developing a free-standing operational team capable of protecting the healthcare center and its employees. This unit, if properly designed, is mobile enough to operate at a remote site, offering services to less prepared facilities.

This book covers information that in an emergency is crucial to emergency medical service personnel, hospital staff, and other technical or support positions. Hospital Emergency Response Teams is a must-read for community public safety personnel and those charged with community-level planning, allowing them to better understand hospital capabilities and needs in times of disaster.

Features include:
  • Forms, checklists, and guidelines can be used to develop concrete response plans, validate existing operations, or simply expand knowledge base
  • The latest from OSHA, Joint Commission, and NIMS (National Incident Management System)
  • Cross-disciplinary author team ensures material is appropriate for all members of this important collaboration
Format: Softcover

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