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Encyclopedia of Security Management, 2nd Ed

John J. Fay, Ed.
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Encyclopedia of Security Management is a valuable resource devoted to successful management techniques and technologies in all areas of security. The second edition emphasizes topics not covered in the first edition, particularly those relating to homeland security, terrorism, threats to national infrastructures, risk assessment, disaster mitigation and remediation, and weapons of mass destruction. The author maintains a strong focus on security measures required at special sites such as electric power, nuclear, gas, and chemical plants; water treatment and distribution systems; bulk storage facilities; entertainment venues; apartment complexes and hotels; schools; hospitals; and government buildings. Also addressed is the protection of air, marine, rail, trucking, and metropolitan transit systems.

Authoritativeness has been assured by the professional standing of the individual contributing authors. The editor’s contacts with experts engaged in the subjects presented have made possible original contributions by leading authorities. In many cases, a contributing author is also the author of a recognized text or is a frequent contributor of articles to the security trade magazines and professional journals.

Reviewed in Security Management, 01/08.

Format: Hardcover


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