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26 Safe School Standards (Webinar)

Sean Spellecy
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In the world of school security consulting, it is often common practice to spend a week or two with a school, provide a solid plan for security/safety improvements, and move on to the next school. The frustration on the part of this sector of security professionals is the misperception that their contributions are less valuable than they really were. This problem exists because often the schools lack the time and and/or expertise to proceed with implementing the plan.

The 26 Safe School Standards represent all aspects of what a school needs to have in place in order to be considered operationally proactive for the risks they currently or will potentially face. This webinar focuses on the history and development of the standards, how they can be objectively measured to determine levels of safety, the results of those measurements amongst today’s schools, and how they remain fluid to best fit the individual culture and future of any one school.

Learning objectives
The webinar participant will:
  • Be able to recall the historical creation of the 26 Safe School Standards and their value to any K-12 school anywhere in the world.
  • Understand how these proactive standards can be utilized for any type of K-12 school to measure current safety levels, and provide benchmarks to meet in order to enhance safety/security.
  • Be able to evaluate the current levels of operational safety and security in a sampling of 143 schoolsBe able to list the influences of risk based security management attributes that went into the objective measurement process of each standard.
  • Be able to create a mental understanding of what K-12 schools need to have in place to enhance safety and security.

Recorded March 29, 2014.

CD box set; 90 minutes. This webinar may be eligible for up to two CPEs.

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