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Security Leaders Mentoring Program

Winning Connections to Accelerate Career Growth

NEW IN 2019The ASIS Professional Development Council Mentoring Committee has launched a new program that connects security professionals worldwide to a wealth of resources, advice, and guidance through one-on-one connections. Any ASIS member at any job level may participate in the program.


Interested in Participating?

Mentor relationships will formally last six months and can focus on career advancement, leadership, professional visibility, networking, overcoming barriers to career success, or any other professional area.


Mentor Benefits:

  • A chance to give back to your profession
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas, and approaches
  • Opportunity to educate, influence, and inspire change
  • 9 CPE credits

Mentee Benefits:

  • Connect with an experienced colleague for guidance and professional advice
  • Gain knowledge and experience in proactive, protective strategies using industry
    best practices
  • Expand network of contacts
  • Job skill improvement
  • Preparation for career advancement


Lisa Dolan, CPP shares her experience with mentoring and its benefits.

"To me there’s nothing more important than freely helping someone because I get so much more with the people that i’ve mentored. Some of them see me “oh my god” and i’m thinking “what, what did I do, I mean I just answered some questions you had and whenever you needed some advice I gave it to you. If you’re like my kids maybe you don’t listen to me, I don’t really know but…”. Um, yeah, I think I would encourage people no matter what age you are you can always still learn something and there’s always room for that. I’m a big proponent of mentoring." - Lisa Dolan, CPP.

ASIS International would like to thank the Professional Development Council Mentoring Committee for their leadership in establishing the Security Leaders Mentoring Program.