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Editorial Calendar

Security Management covers a wide range of security-related topics including cybersecurity, guard force management, active assailant, and much, much more. Find out which editions of the award-winning publication align with your marketing-strategy needs.

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2023 Editorial Calendar


Security Management

Management: Leading Through Crisis
Launches 2 January
Change management, mental health, team management, crisis communications

Also in January

Bomb Threat Basics
Launches 16 January
Higher education security, active assailant, terrorism, security K9s, incident response, security screening

Pipeline/Energy Security
Launches 23 January
Critical infrastructure and utilities, cybersecurity, ransomware, operational technology (OT), resilience, climate change

Editorial deadline: 11/1/22
Closing deadline: 12/1/22
Materials deadline: 12/12/22

Note: Earlier materials deadline due to winter holidays


Security Technology

Supply Chains
Launches 1 February

Semiconductor shortages, supply chain delays, counterfeits, cyber vulnerabilities, third-party risk assessment, sanctions, risk monitoring

Also in February

Reputation Security
Launches 13 February
Brand management, event security, disinformation, threat monitoring, employee activism

Security Officer Mental Health
Launches 20 February
Crisis response, security services, healthcare, active assailant, incident response, banking & finance

Editorial deadline: 12/1/22
Closing deadline: 1/3/23
Materials deadline: 1/17/23


Security Management

Buy-in Strategies
Launches 1 March
Pitching programs up to the C-suite, getting buy-in from the frontline, budgeting

Also in March

Houses of Worship and Extremism
Launches 13 March
Cultural property security, terrorism, active assailant, extremism threats, soft targets, site hardening, perimeter security

Mass Evacuations
Launches 20 March
Conflict zones, executive protection, employee safety, duty of care

Launches 27 March
Interviewing 101, remote investigations, working with HR, privacy, forensics and evidence management

Bonus Show Distribution: ISC West

Editorial deadline: 1/6/23
Closing deadline: 2/1/23
Materials deadline: 2/6/23 (print) & 2/15/23 (Web)

Note: Two materials deadlines, for print and Web


Security Technology

Executive Protection
Launches 1 April
Employee protection and online abuse, travel security, duty of care, nonlethal weapons, social media monitoring, transportation services, security drivers

Also in April

Insider Threat
Launches 17 April
Intellectual property security, data protection, active assailant, workplace violence
Includes retrospective: 10 Years After Snowden

Workplace Violence in Healthcare
Launches 24 April
Mental health, de-escalation, domestic violence, weapons screening, visitor management, video surveillance, access management

Editorial deadline: 2/3/23
Closing deadline: 3/1/23
Materials deadline: 3/15/23


Security Management

How to Become a CSO
Launches 1 May
Career pathways, leadership skills, career transitions, risk management techniques, communications, networking, mentorship

Also in May

Climate Change and Business Continuity
Launches 15 May
Extreme weather, emergency preparedness, antifragility, supply chains, insurance, risk management

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)
Launches 22 May
Legal limitations, detection systems, security education, risk management, threat assessment, perimeter security, surveillance, radar

Editorial deadline: 3/3/23
Closing deadline: 4/3/23
Materials deadline: 4/14/23


Security Technology

Fire Prevention and Mitigation
Launches 1 June
Threat monitoring, resilience, infrastructure management, fire prevention, fire response, emergency response, drones/UAVs

Also in June

Fuel Theft and Cartels
Launches 12 June
Organized crime, oil and gas industry, theft, crime prevention, supply chain security

Active Assailant in Schools
Launches 19 June
Designing age-appropriate drills, hardening soft targets, education, visitor screening, weapons screening, lockdowns, workplace violence, threat assessment, access control

Editorial deadline: 4/7/23
Closing deadline: 5/1/23
Materials deadline: 5/15/23


Security Management

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Launches 3 July
Mentorship, hiring, workplace culture, neurodiversity, women in security, inclusive security measures

Also in July

Nonprofit Security
Launches 17 July
Fraud, cyberattacks, operating on a tight budget, risk management, reputation management

Travel Security
Launches 24 July
Airports and firearms, transportation, port security, weapons screening, business continuity, video surveillance

Editorial deadline: 5/5/23
Closing deadline: 6/1/23
Materials deadline: 6/15/23


Security Technology

Mobile Technology and Access Authentication
Launches 1 August
Mobile access control, smartphone security, cybersecurity, two-factor authentication, systems monitoring, video surveillance, threat monitoring

Also in August

Corporate Activism
Launches 14 August
Activist investors, risk management, reputation security, disinformation

Finance and Cryptocurrency
Launches 21 August
Fraud, crime, banking and finance, cybersecurity, ransomware, investigations

Editorial deadline: 6/2/23
Closing deadline: 7/3/23
Materials deadline: 7/14/23


Security Management

Workforce Development
Launches 1 September
Cyber talent shortage, talent management, outreach and recruitment, training, upskilling

Also in September

Marathons and Mass Event Security
Launches 11 September
Boston Marathon bombing retrospective, active assailant, terrorism and extremism, emergency preparedness, video surveillance

Launches 18 September
Risk management, security threat assessment

Security Design 101
Launches 25 September
Security architecture, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), access control, identity management, video surveillance, perimeter security, entrance security

Bonus Show Distribution: GSX

Editorial deadline: 7/7/23
Closing deadline: 8/1/23
Materials deadline: 8/4/23 (Print) & 8/15/23 (Web)

Note: Two materials deadlines


Security Technology

Organized Crime
Launches 2 October
Drug trafficking and illegal substances, cybercrime, fraud, cartels, encryption, Dark Web marketplaces, crime prevention, investigations

Also in October

Traffic Deaths
Launches 16 October
Security services, workplace safety, life safety, liability, security drivers

How to Fire People Safely
Launches 23 October
Workplace violence, risk management, working with HR, threat monitoring, termination security, continuous monitoring

Editorial deadline: 8/4/23
Closing deadline: 9/1/23
Materials deadline: 9/15/23


Security Management

Soft Skills
Launches 1 November
Mentoring, communications, empathy, kindness in leadership, active listening

Also in November

Space Security
Launches 13 November
Satellites, communications disruptions, national security, business continuity planning

Dynamic Risk Assessment
Launches 20 November
Crisis roadmaps, developing risk intelligence, integrated incident response, security services, emergency preparedness, threat assessment

Editorial deadline: 9/8/23
Closing deadline: 10/2/23
Materials deadline: 10/16/23


Security Technology

Social Media
Launches 1 December
Event management, social media monitoring, geofencing, misinformation and disinformation, corporate espionage, romance scams, fraud

Also in December

Retail Theft
Launches 11 December
Retail crime, loss prevention, organized crime, supply chain risk, crime prevention, video surveillance, asset tracking, asset management, video analytics

Cyber Incident Response
Launches 18 December
Do’s and don’ts, forensics and evidence management, convergence, cybersecurity, incident management, communication, after-action reports


Editorial deadline: 10/6/23
Closing deadline: 11/1/23
Materials deadline: 11/15/23


Deadline Definitions:

Editorial deadline—please connect with Security Management editors prior to this date to discuss potential contributions.

Closing deadline—for advertisers and sponsors; please contact your sales manager prior to this date to discuss opportunities, openings, and deliverables.

Materials deadline—for advertising and sponsorship content.


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