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Critical Event Management on the Corporate Campus

For leaders and decision-makers to best prepare the corporate campus for the current threat landscape, it is essential to blend security practices and technologies based on accurate assumptions


Event and Venue Security for Families

Hear from event security expert and author of What's Your Plan? A Step by Step Guide to Family Safety and Preparedness, James Demeo, to discuss pratical tips for families to be prepared in case

Best practices and white papers

ASIS Europe

As boundaries continue to erode between the physical and cyber worlds, between high and low-tech risks, between the human workforce and artificial intelligence, and as the valuation of digital


Join us at the ASIS 28th New York City Security Conference & Expo May 16-17, 2018.​

Online learning

The Unaddressed Mass Casualty Event

This webinar identifies the ability of terrorist organizations to conduct a chemical or biological attack in populated areas. It will cover the mechanism of action, accessibility, delivery, and

Tackling the Insider Threat

Tackling Insider Threats combines a review of the insider threat literature with findings of a Delphi study to arrive at a new approach to defeating the kind of trust betrayer intent on carrying out

ASIS 2018

Make plans now to join your peers and colleagues for ASIS 2018, taking place September 23-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Discover why ASIS continues to be the premier event for the security industry.

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Drones and Security

To educate and cut through the hype of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS)/Drones in the security industry, a panel of specialists review multiple “use cases” for drone use and defense by a security

Online learning

Physical and Cybersecurity

Introducing research and tools from the National Institute of Science and Tech​nology (NIST) and Information Security (INFOSEC), the speaker will describe the physical security of cyber systems and