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Unspoken Dialog (The), 2nd Ed

Publisher: Varro Press

Author: Robert R. Rail, Ph. D.

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Format: Softcover

You can become a much more effective communicator by becoming fluent in the basic language of human communications—body language. The Unspoken Dialogue takes you through a process of understanding the body signs of confrontations, the various dimensions of interactive dialogue, and how to manipulate dialogue in the direction you want. It will help you understand and evaluate the nonverbal messages of others, regardless of the situation, from routine conversations and interviews to highly charged confrontations. You will be able to use the skills you learn for both “offense” and “defense.”

It doesn’t take years of training or practice to master these techniques. They are easy to learn, more efficient, and much less confrontational than methods of “counter arguing” or verbal force threats. As soon as you finish this book you will be able to remember and use these simple and practical techniques for recognizing what the body is “saying” so you can take control of the situation.

Reviewed in Security Management, 9/10.

Item #: 1883

ISBN: 978-1-8886444-17-3

Publish Date: 2009

Pages: 100