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Staying Safe at School, 2nd Ed

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Chester L. Quarles and Tammy F. Quarles

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Format: Softcover

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Now more than ever before, today’s schools are hazard zones. Students are vulnerable to attack from other students and random individuals who may appear to be harmless on the surface or who may be sending out warning signals. Either way, to save their lives or protect themselves from injury, they must be prepared. Now in its second edition, Staying Safe at School is a guidebook that every parent and school administrator should make available to students.

Concise and practical, this book will show students how to:

  • Perform a risk assessment to determine if they should feel threatened
  • Recognize the troublemakers and prevent trouble
  • Know what to do in a crisis, and more importantly, what not to do
  • Improve their chances of survival if they become victimized
  • Make changes in their lifestyles that will reduce their risk of being victimized
  • Force criminals and bullies to alter their plans against their victims
  • Face fear and learn how to control it
  • Work with other students, teachers, counselors, and administrators to increase the safety of all

Bullies and other school predators will always exist in one form or another. But students can take steps to make themselves less likely to be victimized. Using anecdotes and examples to demonstrate concepts, this volume provides important survival tips and gives students the confidence they need to protect themselves and feel safe in dangerous situations.

Reviewed in Security Management, 2/13.

Item #: 2060

ISBN: 978-1-4398-5828-8

Publish Date: 2011

Pages: 158