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Security Surveillance Centers: Design, Implementation, and Operation

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Anthony V. DiSalvatore, CPP, PSP, PCI, CFE, CLSD

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Format: Softcover

Unlike current books on the market that focus primarily on the technical aspects of surveillance and protection, Security Surveillance Centers: Design, Implementation, and Operation focuses on the operation of a security surveillance center. This text details the role of security surveillance, as well as the critical aspects of the design, implementation, and operation of security surveillance centers of all sizes. Step-by-step coverage of policy and procedures, as well as the inclusion of industry-specific operational forms, guarantee a practical, user-friendly text for all levels of readers.

Intended for any individuals or organizations currently employing security surveillance systems, this book is an asset for all users, from trainees to supervisors, seeking to create a more secure environment for themselves and for others.

Item #: 2339

ISBN: 978-1498765558

Publish Date: 2017

Pages: 222