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Security Metrics Management: How to Manage the Costs of an Assets Protection Program

Publisher: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann

Author: Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich and Edward P. Halibozek

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Format: Hardcover

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Security metrics is the application of quantitative, statistical, and/or mathematical analyses to measure security functional trends and workload. It allows tracking of what each function is doing in terms of level of effort (LOE), costs, and productivity. Security metrics management is the managing of an assets protection program and related security functions through the use of metrics. It can be used where managerial tasks must be supported for such purposes as supporting the security professional's position on budget matters, justifying the cost-effectiveness of decisions, and determining the impact of downsizing on service and support to customers.
This book offers straight-forward solutions to measure the costs and benefits of an assets protection program - both successes and failures. Some of the common questions posed to a security professional by management include:
  • What drives the need for an assets protection program?
  • What related security functions are necessary for an assets protection program?
  • How effective is an assets protection program?
  • How can the assets protection program be executed more efficiently?

Security Metrics Management answers these questions and more, covering the essentials to establishing a baseline to measure the costs, benefits, and effectiveness of an assets protection program.

Reviewed in Security Management, 6/06

Format: Hardcover

Item #: 1673

ISBN: 978-0750678995

Publish Date: 2006

Pages: 350