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Securing Americas Passenger-Rail Systems

Publisher: RAND

Author: Jeremy M. Wilson, Brian A. Jackson, Mel Eisman, Paul Steinberg, K. Jack Riley

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Format: Softcover

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Communities across the United States depend on reliable, safe, and secure rail systems. Each weekday, more than 12 million passengers ride on U.S. railways. Attacks on passenger-rail systems around the world highlight the vulnerability of this type of transportation. The high use of passenger rail and the frequency with which terrorists target it call for a commitment to analyzing and improving rail security. This book presents a framework that security planners and policymakers can use as a guide for cost-effective rail-security planning, specifically for the risk of terrorism.

Security planners—both experts working directly within rail systems and those who facilitate rail security through their work in governmental or professional organizations—will find this book to be a valuable resource.

Item #: 1786

ISBN: 978-0-8330-4117-3

Publish Date: 2007

Pages: 142