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Reawakening America: Leadership, Vigilance, and Collaboration

Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services

Author: Vincent J Bove

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Format: Softcover

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2019 Finalist for the ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year

In this timely and essential work, nationally acclaimed speaker and author Vincent J. Bove anthologizes his Sentinel Digest articles that examine the leadership crisis and culture of violence in America. From mass shootings and police-community tensions to racial discrimination and the immigration crisis, Bove chronicles our country's afflictions and champions the unsung community heroes who model moral character and integrity needed in a time of apathy.

Reawakening America is an inspiring social and political commentary that speaks to the American spirit and encourages citizens to stand up to the corruption, deceit, violence and divisiveness that is plaguing the United States.

Item #: 2409

ISBN: ISBN 9781483487311

Publish Date: 2019

Pages: 704