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Protection of Assets: Information Security

Publisher: ASIS International


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This comprehensive source covers all aspects of information security including information asset protection, global information environment, personnel security, copyright, patents, and communications attacks. Written, edited, and peer-reviewed by veteran security subject matter experts. Of particular significance are the various forms and matrices that help give the reader a practical start toward application of the security theory. One of eight volumes of Protection of Assets (POA) set.

The POA set and a set of ASIS standards and guidelines comprise the CPP reference material. Candidates are encouraged to refer to the following reference material as they are preparing for the CPP examination. After carefully reviewing the domains of study and identifying individual learning needs, candidates may use additional references and study opportunities as necessary.

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Item #: 1989

ISBN: 978-1-934904-12-1

Publish Date: 2011

Pages: 206