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Private Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Charles P. Nemeth

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Format: Hardcover

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There are few textbooks available that outline the foundation of security principles while reflecting the modern practices of private security as an industry. Private Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice takes a new approach to the subject of private sector security that will be welcome addition to the field.

The book focuses on the recent history of the industry and the growing dynamic between private sector security and public safety and law enforcement. Coverage will include history and security theory, but emphasis is on current practice, reflecting the technology-driven, fast-paced, global security environment.

Topics covered include a history of the security industry, security law, risk management, physical security, Human Resources and personnel, investigations, institutional and industry-specific security, crisis and emergency planning, critical infrastructure protection, IT and computer security, and more.

Rather than being reduced to single chapter coverage, homeland security and terrorism concepts are referenced throughout the book, as appropriate. Currently, it is vital that private security entities work with public sector authorities seamlessly―at the state and federal levels―to share information and understand emerging risks and threats. This modern era of security requires an ongoing, holistic focus on the impact and implications of global terror incidents; as such, the book’s coverage of topics consciously takes this approach throughout.

    • Details the myriad changes in security principles, and the practice of private security, particularly since 9/11
    • Focuses on foundational theory but also examines current best practices―providing sample forms, documents, job descriptions, and functions―that security professionals must understand to perform and succeed
    • Outlines the distinct, but growing, roles of private sector security companies versus the expansion of federal and state law enforcement security responsibilities
    • Includes key terms, learning objectives, end of chapter questions, Web exercises, and numerous references―throughout the book―to enhance student learning
    • Presents the full range of career options available for those entering the field of private security
    • Includes nearly 400 full-color figures, illustrations, and photographs.

Private Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of modern security issues and practices on the market. Professors will appreciate the new, fresh approach, while students get the most "bang for their buck," insofar as the real-world knowledge and tools needed to tackle their career in the ever-growing field of private industry security.

Item #: 2440

ISBN: 978-1498723343

Publish Date: 2017

Pages: 796