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Port Security Management, 2nd Ed

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Kenneth Christopher

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Format: Hardcover

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Sea and freshwater ports are a key component of critical infrastructure and essential for maintaining global and domestic economies. In order to effectively secure a dynamic port facility operation, one must understand the business of maritime commerce. Following in the tradition of its bestselling predecessor, Port Security Management, Second Edition continues to supply readers with this understanding.

This fully updated edition covers the latest in continuously changing legislation regarding federal mandates, securing vessels, cargo security, and granting employee credentials. Focusing on best practices, it details real-world solutions that law enforcement authorities and security management professionals can put to use immediately.

Assuming little prior knowledge of the industry, the book examines port security in the context of global transportation systems. It supplies practitioners and educators with a framework for managing port security and details risk assessment and physical security best practices for securing ships and ports.

The book explains how the various stakeholders, including port management, security, government, and private industry, can collaborate to develop safe and secure best practices while maintaining efficient operations.

Addressing the legislative measures, regulatory issues, and logistical aspects of port security, the book includes coverage of cruise ships, cargo security, CT-PAT, and emergency operations. Complete with a new chapter on intelligence, this book is ideal for anyone with a vested interest in secure and prosperous port facilities who wants to truly understand how to best tackle the management of port security.

Features include:

  • Presents the myriad security problems and challenges that a retailer faces daily
  • Offers the loss prevention best practices of industry professionals and explains why those practices work
  • Includes case studies that illustrate solutions to real-world problems
  • Outlines in detail how to build a successful loss prevention department and program
  • Provides details on what promotes advancement in the retail setting and how to become a subject matter expert

Reviewed in Security Management, 11/14.

Item #: 2196

ISBN: 9781466591639

Publish Date: 2014

Pages: 376