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Personal Security: A Guide for International Travelers

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Tanya Spencer

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Format: Softcover

As an international traveler, you know there are risks. But are you doing everything you can to protect yourself and your belongings? Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, Personal Security: A Guide for International Travelers enables you to prevent security incidents and react in life-saving ways during a crisis.

This comprehensive manual answers questions such as: Which criteria should you use for selecting the safest hotel or airline? How to deal with corrupt officials? What are special considerations for women, families, elderly, or travelers with disabilities? What support can you expect from your organization and what are your responsibilities?


  • Provides common sense advice about situational awareness and personal security that may save your life
  • Offers professional insight into what criminals look for and how to avoid being a target when traveling abroad
  • Contains specific advice for dangers to be aware of for those traveling with family, with children, as a VIP, or alone
  • Reflects the author’s experiences traveling the world, including areas of conflict

The author has traveled extensively to high-risk destinations and has trained thousands of people to safely navigate the complexities of international travel. Emphasizing prevention, the book covers medical, cultural, and political considerations, so you understand exactly what you must do before and while you are abroad. It provides flexible frameworks, models, and tools that allow you to easily apply the wealth of tips and advice to any travel situation you might face. Before your next trip, benefit from these time-tested strategies for proactively managing travel risks.

Reviewed in Security Management, 8/15.

Item #: 2132

ISBN: 978-1-4665-5944-8

Publish Date: 2013

Pages: 396