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PCI Review Flash Cards

Publisher: ASIS International

Author: ASIS International

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A useful addition to your study materials for the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) exam, PCI Flash Cards are a simple, yet comprehensive tool to help you:

  • Identify key terms
  • Understand critical concepts
  • Recall facts

The PCI Flash Cards feature 280 questions and referenced answers covering all three domains.

Domain 1: Case Management—131 questions

Domain 2: Investigative Techniques and Procedures—113 questions

Domain 3: Case Presentation—36 questions

These 3x6 in (7.6x15.2 cm) cards are printed on durable cardstock and boxed for your convenience.

The PCI exam is based on both knowledge and practice. These flash cards are designed as a supplement to help test takers recall key concepts, terms, data, and facts. This study tool is NOT a substitute for thorough knowledge of the investigations field as encompassed in the Professional Investigator's Manual. Nor is it a substitute for broad-based experience in investigations. However, the flash cards can be effectively used as part of a broader program of study.

Please note: the red ASIS card holder is for display purposes only and is not included.

Item #: 2437

ISBN: 978-1934904992

Publish Date: 2020

Pages: 286