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Managing the Insider Threat: No Dark Corners

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Nick Catrantzos, CPP

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Format: Hardcover

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In this groundbreaking book, author Nick Catrantzos identifies new management, security, and workplace strategies for categorizing and defeating insider threats. The book begins with problem definition and research findings that lead to the "No Dark Corners" strategy for addressing insider threats. With these foundational underpinnings, the book then examines agents of change within the workplace—namely, key players in positions to effectively support or undermine the No Dark Corners strategy, including corporate sentinels and leaders affecting application of this approach.

From there, the author goes on to examine key areas where No Dark Corners-style engagement can make a difference in the way an institution counters insider threats—through rethinking background investigations, recognizing deception, and using lawful disruption. Moving progressively from the theoretical to the practical in applying the strategy within an organizational framework, the book looks at implementation challenges and offers a framework for introducing new insider defense insights into an organization.


  • Presents strategic, research-supported innovations in insider defense that account for where and why traditional solutions fail
  • Provides a holistic analysis that shows dynamic relationships among trust betrayers and employees
  • Identifies specific vulnerabilities in traditional defenses—such as preemployment background investigations—and suggests ways to overcome them
  • Explores deception and how to counter it through lawful disruption and other methods of insider threat defense
  • Distinguishes between existential and other insider threats and provides strategies for introducing appropriate defenses to the targeted institution

Reviewed in Security Management, 9/13.

Item #: 2038

ISBN: 978-1-4398-7292-5

Publish Date: 2012

Pages: 364