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Managing Crises Overseas, 2nd Ed

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Scott Alan Ast

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Format: Softcover

The book examines crisis management for operations located outside of a corporation’s normal confines, particularly in regions that might be overtly threatening or hostile to multinational corporations, their employees, and assets. Outlining proper operating procedures, planning, implementation, and drills, it demonstrates how proper planning and effective management systems established prior to a crisis can mean the difference between life and death. The book helps organizations create best practices in crisis management to ensure safety and security of personnel, assets, and properties overseas, even in potentially volatile environments. 

Key Features

  • Identifies the risk, liabilities, safety, and security threats to expatriates and projects outside of North America
  • Explains the various definitions and classifications of crises and how such events can cause myriad unforeseen challenges
  • Details how to best liaise with law enforcement, government agencies, and military during and after a crisis
  • Establishes how drills, exercises, and planning can mitigate events and safe lives in a crisis
  • Outlines how to develop joint crisis management and security plans for projects and offices

Item #: 2327

ISBN: 978-1482245790

Publish Date: 2016

Pages: 248