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Locks and Locking Devices: A Security Professional's Guide

Publisher: ASIS International

Author: George E. Ronne, CPP

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Format: Softcover

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This publication will give you a knowledge and understanding of locks and locking devices, and will enable you to establish a base upon which to better understand locks and locking systems.

George Ronne approaches locks, keys, and access control from a perspective rarely seen in writing-that of an intelligence operative. He has mastered his particular tradecraft through many years of practical experience. His ability to open a lock or container without the use of a key is unsurpassed.

This publication is an excellent source of information for the novice to the security profession as well as for the security professional with many years in the field. Locks and Locking Devices is an excellent and informative read.

Item #: 1952

ISBN: 978-1-934904-10-7

Publish Date: 2011

Pages: 95