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Information Security Science

Publisher: Syngress

Author: Carl Young

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Format: Softcover

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Information Security Science: Measuring the Vulnerability to Data Compromises provides the scientific background and analytic techniques to understand and measure the risk associated with information security threats. This nontraditional IT security book includes methods of information compromise that are not typically addressed in textbooks or journals.

This book explores the physical nature of information security risk, and in so doing exposes subtle, yet revealing, connections between information security, physical security, technology, and information theory. This book is also a practical risk management guide, explaining the fundamental scientific principles that are directly relevant to information security. The book also specifies a structured methodology to evaluate a host of threats and attack vectors, identifies unique metrics that point to root causes of technology risk, and enables estimates of the effectiveness of risk mitigation.

This book is the definitive reference for scientists and engineers with no background in security, and is ideal for security analysts and practitioners who lack scientific training. Importantly, it provides security professionals with the tools to prioritize information security controls and thereby develop cost-effective risk management strategies.

Item #: 2326

ISBN: 978-0128096437

Publish Date: 2016

Pages: 406