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Hospitality Security

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Darrell Clifton, CPP

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Format: Hardcover

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A security director must have knowledge of criminal and civil law, risk and personnel management, budgeting and finance, and a host of other areas in order to be effective. Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tourism Environment provides experience-based, proven methods for preventing and resolving the challenges faced by today’s hospitality practitioner.

This book covers risk assessment, the security plans, budgeting, staffing, training, alarm and camera systems, and much more. This accessible, reader-friendly primer enables security directors to evaluate what risks are inherent to hospitality environments, analyze those risks through threat and vulnerability assessments, and develop methods to mitigate or eliminate them—all the while keeping customers and personnel safe and improving the bottom line.


  • Illustrates how to leverage all departments to contribute to security objectives and create a culture of customer focus and security awareness
  • Outlines how to make the security department a revenue-generating, cost-cutting, substantial contributor to the bottom line
  • Presents the unique issues associated with various hotel and entertainment segments
  • Offers advice to ensure fire, safety, health, and other codes and regulations are understood and followed
  • Provides details on how to develop and implement response procedures for daily occurrences

Reviewed in Security Management, 8/13.

Item #: 2033

ISBN: 978-1-4398-7436-3

Publish Date: 2012

Pages: 332