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Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, 5th Ed

Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann

Author: Lawrence J. Fennelly, Ed.

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Format: Hardcover

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The Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention has long been a trusted resource for security professionals just entering the field as well as for seasoned professionals. This 5th edition has new and updated material, and just like its predecessors, it provides a comprehensive overview of current approaches to security and crime prevention, tools and technologies to put these approaches into action, and information on a wide range of specific areas from eminent subject-matters experts.

Edited by practitioner and author Lawrence Fennelly, this material provides a veritable roadmap for designing solutions in a world increasingly characterized by complexity and chaos. This edition adds cutting-edge content on school and campus security, cargo security, access control, the increasingly violent healthcare security environment, and prevention or mitigation of terrorism and natural disasters.

  • Covers every important topic in the field, including the latest on wireless security applications, data analysis and visualization, situational crime prevention, and global security standards and compliance issues.
  • Each chapter is contributed by a top security professional with a unique subject-matter expertise.

Item #: 1984

ISBN: 978-0-12-385246-2

Publish Date: 2012

Pages: 632