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Elements of Private Investigation (The): An Introduction to the Law, Techniques, and Procedures

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: Anthony D. Manley

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Format: Hardcover

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In today’s inceasingly litigious society, the threat of a private investigator (PI) being hit with a civil lawsuit or even criminal charges is very real. Keeping up with the multitude of laws that impact what investigators can and can’t do is a daunting task—but could prove costly if ignored.

Emphasizing legal and liability issues, The Elements of Private Investigation provides a comprehensive introduction to the professional requirements, investigative techniques, and legal responsibilities of the modern investigator. It supplies private and corporate security professionals with best-practice investigative techniques, highlights the risks that investigators are likely to encounter, and details what PIs can and can’t do in the eyes of the law. In addition, the book:

  • Details the restrictions placed on PIs as private citizens
  • Reviews the qualifications, licensing requirements, and code of ethics
  • Includes procedural checklists, sample forms, and a list of popular online resources

Providing quick and easy reference to the latest laws and regulations that affect the profession, the time-tested logic offered in this book will help ensure that the evidence you collect will be admissible in court and that the methods you use won’t land you on the wrong side of a civil or criminal case. 

Item #: 1873

ISBN: 978-1-4398-1542-7

Publish Date: 2010

Pages: 414