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Electronic Access Control, 2nd Ed

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Author: Thomas L. Norman, CPP, PSP, CSC

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Format: Softcover

Electronic Access Control, Second Edition provides the latest advice on how to interface systems from multiple Electronic Access Control (EAC) manufacturers into a single cohesive system. The book shows how to provide integration, while also allowing building security managers to protect, control and manage their own users’ card data.

This second edition details advanced card data management and advanced system access level management. Readers will be better able to manage their systems to protect the privacy of their cardholders’ private information, while providing much improved control over the security of their buildings.

Like its highly regarded first edition, the book offers the complete picture on EAC for readers at any level of expertise. It provides comprehensive material on how to select, and interface to, the appropriate locking hardware, typically the most difficult responsibility for access control system designers, installers and end users.

  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of Electronic Access Control (EAC) Systems to readers at any level, novices and experts alike
  • Helps readers understand concepts for securing a facility, while providing transparent access to those who frequently, and legitimately, enter the facility
  • Includes expanded information on system configurations, including user data security, access levels, access clearances and groups, and system interfaces
  • Offers all new material on how to interface systems from multiple manufacturers into a single cohesive system

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Item #: 2954

ISBN: 978-0128054659

Publish Date: 2017

Pages: 576