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Business Theft and Fraud: Detection and Prevention

Publisher: CRC Press

Author: James R. Youngblood

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Format: Softcover

Business Theft and Fraud: Detection and Prevention offers a broad perspective on business-related theft, providing a detailed discussion of numerous avenues of theft, including internal and external fraud, organized retail crime, mortgage fraud, cyber fraud, and extortion.

Combining current research and the author’s extensive experience with loss prevention and security, this professional text identifies industry trouble areas and offers techniques to combat business theft, such as how to identify sales underreporting, track sales by shifts, and educate employees on computer-related fraud.

This publication is critical for those involved with loss prevention, security, or criminal justice. Business Theft and Fraud’s accessible, franchise-oriented scope will help many professionals identify and thwart threats in the evolving business world.

Item #: 2323

ISBN: 978-1498742436

Publish Date: 2016

Pages: 356