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Aviation & Maritime Security Intelligence

Publisher: E & W Communications

Author: Hassan M. Eltaher

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Format: Softcover

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This timely book will be of interest to any organization involved in aviation and maritime security almost anywhere in the world. It is about the intelligence function within the overall theme of transportation security and concentrates on security intelligence and not on physical security such as port or airport perimeter fencing, passenger frisking, cargo searches, etc. Security intelligence within the context of transportation security considers threats that have a political agenda to be no different from threats with a criminal intent.

Since the best protection starts with prevention, the book will discuss practical means for preempting threats to the aviation and maritime sections by addressing the following nine major topics:
  • Defining the important role, workings, and limitations of intelligence
  • Synthesizing intelligence analysis, assessment, and interpretation
  • Confronting cultural bias and narrowing the security intelligence gap
  • Highlighting the defining role of leadership in intelligence
  • Putting the threat of terrorism in its proper context
  • Assessing the aviation and maritime threat environments
  • Building the structure and management of the transportation security/intelligence function
  • Managing the threat and risk assessment process
  • Managing the ongoing interaction between intelligence and the stakeholders

Reviewed in Security Management, 11/13.


Item #: 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9784760-14

Publish Date: 2012

Pages: 250

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