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Preemployment Background Screening and Vetting

Hiring a new employee is an important responsibility. This Guideline aids employers in developing, implementing and maintaining a preemployment background screening and vetting program to bring into the organization individuals who will be effective assets.

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About the Guideline

pubcover-2447-sa.jpg Hiring a new employee is an important responsibility for any organization. An employer who has performed a thorough preemployment background screening and vetting (PBSV) process is more likely to bring into the organization an individual who will prove to be an effective asset. Without an adequate PBSV program, that same employer runs the risk of hiring someone who could become a significant liability.

To support making the best hiring decision, organizations should develop a PBSV program with clear objectives, policies, procedures and processes that comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations. It is important that the organization have a formal applications process and that it conducts initial screening and vetting activities. In addition, the organization may need to conduct background investigations based on the nature of the position.

The Guideline provides guidance on the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of a PBSV program and is intended to serve as a practical tool that organizations can use to understand the reasons for PBSV, the importance of undertaking good hiring practices and its impact on the organization, the impact of the legal and regulatory environments surrounding the issue of PBSV, and key aspects of a well-designed program to guide and enhance an organization’s hiring practices.

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